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I come from a family where storytelling is a tradition. Just as some people grow up in musical families. My parents, grandparents and great grandparents were all known for their gift of telling and writing stories. Stories have always fascinated me in many formats and after graduating from gymnasium I chose to educate myself in puppet theatre in Barcelona where I studied in the Instituto del Teatro. Later after 15 years of telling stories to children in my own one-woman puppet theatre, I decided to add to my knowledge and graduated with a BA in Fine Arts from the Icelandic Academy of the Arts. 

In the beginning, I was mostly working with time-based mediums in my visual artwork like videos, video installations, and animation.  After graduating I was looking for a way to combine these two worlds, the theatre, and my visual artwork. I wanted to continue working in the theatre but in a different way. The format I chose to experiment with was a devising method using materials to improvise with and animate. Instead of puppets, we were using all kinds of materials such as paper, plastic, soil, and shadows to animate and improvise with. When seeing the body of the actor animating and interacting with the material the audience makes his own story.

By not using words in the theatre but telling stories with visual means the material, movement and timing make it possible for the viewer to make their own meaning and images that provoke feelings, memories or understanding from deep within. 

In recent years I have also started working with two-dimensional mediums like painting and printing. I have been working with textures of the body and the landscape and how they reflect in each other and the patterns our stories leaves on the surface. Also investigating the change in scale and the micro-macro effect on the body.

Found pages of old books have been drawing their attention to me and I have been printing and painting on them combining the forms and the text to offer new meaning. I want to offer materials for the viewer to get involved and make their own stories.

I am interested in how our bodies are interacting meaningfully with their environments beneath the level of conscious awareness and how meaning is not just what is consciously entertained in acts of feeling and thought; instead, meaning reaches deep down into our corporeal encounter with our environment.

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