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A-B-C Translations

a dance research sharing from A+B (Any+Body) weekly training


A-B-C Translations is a dance research sharing from A+B (Any+Body) weekly training. 


It will take place at the Multisalen in Generationernes Hus, Aarhus Ø, Thit Jensen’s Gade 3.




40 minutes




4 cycles of translations:

A dances, B describes in words, and C listens blind then translates into another dance. 

Sometimes there is one, and sometimes many who listen. 

You can take part if you wish, or just enjoy watching it all unfold. 


A+B Training is an opportunity to dance together - just as you are -

no training or prior experience is necessary.

All physical abilities are welcome and all ages.  

It is a movement and dance improvisation based training.

We have been meeting on Monday afternoons. 

We offer monthly introductory workshops called RUNAWAY HORSES

through FO-Aarhus Look out for our autumn program - and come and join us- just as you are.

A-B-C Translations was initiated by the participants this spring: Thank You Helene During Kjær, Astrid Hellerup Elmstrøm, Julie Stubkjær Hansen, Jytte Rasmussen, Mette Holtet Skov. 

You are very welcome! 

Photos Rosa Shepherd

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