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“We think more than we can say.


We feel more than we can think.


We live more than we can feel.


And there is much more still.” 


Eugene Gendlin - 1971

The Girl with the Blue Hair

Helga Arnalds performer and Jiri Ospalík musician working with the embodied stories and the choreography of ‘cheap techniques’ proposed by Matteo Fargion and Jonathan Burrows.



"We humans find our way by story. Our stories shape us, hold us and give meaning to our lives. Every so often it becomes clear that a prevailing story is no longer serving. Now is such a time. Humanity needs a new, inspiring picture of the future to live into." - Martin Shaw  - Contemporary Storyteller

"Silence and contemplative moments are now a luxury item in our world. Poetry is gaining less and less space in our efficient daily lives. When we finally get time off after stressful workdays, it's easier to relax with some form of entertainment than to challenge ourselves with something that requires us to be awake and compassionate. But at the same time, we also see a hunger for the magical, the poetic, the not immediately explicable or understandable. We wish to "be with" and "create with" and to be wit(h)ness to one another. This observation makes us continue to insist on doing visual poetic performance because we are convinced that poetry is an essential language that must be protected from extinction." Cathrine Poher - Det narrative og det poetiske teater - Interview af Kirsten Dahl

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