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RUNAWAY HORSES is a 3-hour movement workshop in integrated dance for people with and without PHYSICAL disability.


It is a fun introductory workshop. We will start in small details. We give details time and attention until they grow, expand and set our imaginations wild horses.

We are curious about the material of dance and of the body - about gesture, attention, imagination and finding dances in familiar things.

We start by taking time to come into the sensing and feeling world of the body. We take time to listen, breathe and awaken details. Then we move into partners and later, work in the larger group using improvisation and games.

We create and share what we find. After our time together we often leave with a sense of well-being and a deeper connection to ourselves, each other and the world around us.

Who is it for: Anyone over 16 yrs who is interested in dance and movement. No prior dance experience is needed. People with and without physical disability are welcome.

What you need: Comfortable clothes for moving. A snack for the break. A spirit of openness and curiosity.

Language: english and danish.



Generationernes Hus

11:00 - 14:00

2 October.


Who we are:

Nicky Visser (ZA/NL)

I am a dance artist. I moved to Aarhus 4 years ago. In South Africa, I founded and directed a professional integrated dance company for many years. I taught dance at the University of Cape Town and developed inter-generational projects. Recently I have worked at Egmont Højskole in collaboration with FIMD and Astrid, and with Metropolis (KIT) in Copenhagen.

Astrid Elmstrøm (DK)

Jeg er 27år og arbejder i Øens Madhus. Jeg har en hjerneskade. Som har givet mig en del begrænsninger. Jeg sidder idag i kørestol og min venstre arm er delvis lam.

Nicky præsenterede mig for integreret dans og jeg har danset og været involveret i 1,5år on/off.

Jeg synes at der er noget smukt i at handicappede (og andre funktions nedsættede) danser SAMMEN med alm./professionelle.

Det er vitterlig for ALLE!


Email us or message us if you would like a place. We would love to share the day with you.

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