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DEAREST ..........


The intention in this walk is to drop-in to a series of bodily attunements with the landscape and let these surface in the form of letters. The letters are written as faithfully as possible from the resonance of this encounter. 


This land-body exchange has taken on more personal significance since living on an apple farm. Putting my hands in the earth has given me a sense of belonging within this new country I am calling home. 


In line with these notions of home and belonging, I will take our local bus with my son to his school at Tangkrogen. From there I walk - in the direction home - to Norsminde - through forests and along waterways.


At each hourly place of rest, I will offer an apple from the farm. It is offered in acknowledgment of children‘s stories and old folktales, to forests and tides, to dreams and archetypes, to the illegible and the impossible... to the shapes of things we can not see, but only feel.

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Take part: 

-   Follow hourly updates on FB @walkinglandscapes.

-     Ask for a letter. You can request for a letter be sent to you from a particular place on the walk. Register by sending your name and address to The letter will be addressed to you and sent to your postal address.

-     Join in.  There are 3 opportunities to join in at a shelter to participate in the somatic score and write your own letter. Register by writing to
We begin the somatic score at 10 minutes to the hour and begin writing on the hour. The somatic score is sent upon registering. 

You can join in three shelters at these times of the day:  
9.30-10.00: Dagshelter Hørhaven
12.30 - 13.00: Moesgaard Forest Shelter 
17.30-18.00: Mariendal Bådplads. 

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