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BIG BODY is a home/network for artists and scholars from the Nordic countries working in the field of visual/performing arts and environmental philosophy focusing on the body, the senses and the landscape, through an embodied engagement with landscape. Our vision is to address the issues of the contemporary human, our relation to nature and our cohesion with our surroundings. A reaction to the state of the world and the things happening around us. 

Phase 1 was a 5-day meeting between Icelandic and Danish artists at Stóri Kroppur in  Borgarfjordur, Iceland (23-28 May 2019), taking the form of a walking seminar. The focus was on meeting, sharing working methodologies and offering participatory experiences while walking the Icelandic landscape.

The project was in collaboration with SÍM (the Icelandic Association of Visual Artists) and supported by the Nordic-Baltic Mobility programme.