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Helga is a visual artist and a theatre director. 

She studied puppet theatre at the Instituto del Teatro in Barcelona and visual Arts in the Icelandic Academy of the Arts 

Helga has touched on many aspects of the creative process. She has worked in the theater as an actor, director, set designer, author, and producer. In the visual arts, she has worked in many media, video works, drawing, painting, ceramics, and animation. She has published a children's book, held all kinds of courses in kindergartens, primary schools, and universities, and traveled around the world with her theatre performances.

Her company the 10 FINGER theatre is one of the most revered creators of theatre for young audience (TYA) in Iceland and one that has shown consistent diversity in its combination of puppetry and visual theatre. Helga is not afraid of stepping out of her comfort zone and is always exploring new ways to engage an audience and tell a story, expanding and stretching the language of theatre in all directions.

She has been interested in how our bodies are interacting meaningfully with their environments. How the body knows more about situations than you are explicitly aware of or can put into words. She has been developing a devising method with her theater group 10 FINGERS using materials to improvise with and animate using all kinds of materials such as paper, plastic, soil, and shadow theatre. Emphasizing the image in the theatre she finds that the material, movement, and timing make it possible for the viewer to make their own meaning and images that provoke feelings, memories, or understanding from deep within.

The 10 finger theatre      Helga's visualwork

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