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It is a practice or presence.

It is a widening field of awareness.

It is as acute as a bell.

It is an opening to the unknown. 

It is a treasure hunt.

It is a careful listening in.

It is a quiet and a simple thing.

We will use writing and drawing to support our personal findings.

Practicing Presence
An invitation to join one or all 7 days of Authentic Movement and CMP Practice.

An INVITATION to practice Authentic Movement and Contemplative Movement Practice (CMP) for a handful of 7 days.
Randi Friis Nielsen and Nicola Visser will hold the space together and would love you to join at the Studio 4 Performing Arts Platform

This is the intention:
We will hold the space with a structure based on CMP and AM and draw on other somatic disciplines. The structure will vary from day to day just a little bit. At its core will be the opportunity to move, to witness and to explore what happens when these two things partner with care and empathy.

These are some practical notes:
Place: Studio 4 Performing Arts Platform. 
Time: Each session is an hour and will start on time. I will be there 15 minutes before we begin if you have any questions. You are also welcome to email me.
You need no prior training to attend. 
IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to join for one or all, please email me and I can send you the structure for the day/s you can attend. 
There is no charge. 
We hope you can join us in this time.     

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