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Pilot Playtest. Adventurous Experiment.

The thinking behind this:

For a while in Berlin, during a residency, Nicky thought to make site specific paper. This could take any form, and any area of place specificity. 

One frame could be to collect items from place: a specific street in which you live, a room in your house, a park nearby, a tree you like to visit, letters written from the heart, or clothes recently worn on the body, items from a pocket. 

So site could be. geographical area, an urban location, a notion of home,a room in the house, a favourite chair, a place on the body, relationship, memory ..and more. 

You make a decision about your site and collect a jar's worth of stuff from the site.  The day before we meet, add water to the jar and let it all soak. Paper Notes

We are going to attempt to make two kinds of paper.

1.    One is a paper where we take our collected things and sprinkle/position them on top of the wet paper pulp.  Very small dry things are needed for this.

2.    Wet paper from pulp that includes the site items. For this the collected things become part of the paper structure.  Here it’s a good idea if you make the things wet and soak them in a little jar of water a day before.  Again, just a few things will be sufficient.


If you have a hairdryer please can you bring it with you.


There will be soup for lunch. We would welcome additions like bread or cake or any other tasty item of your choice.

Site reminder *

Choose one (or more if you wish) sites for your paper. Collect little things from that site

Sites can be – a room in your house, a special outdoor place, your workplace, your pocket, breakfast, a memory, a dream or an ordinary street you walk every day. Or another place…….


1. Collect items from your chosen site.

 Document Time of day you collect it and date. 

Store in jar and add water one or two days before we meet.

Document the original state of your collection if you wish. 

2. Use it to make paper. 17 November. 

3 Use the paper.

 (a) In a letter and send it-  so that a person across the world can TOUCH your place, and read your words and travel to you through their fingertips.

(b) bind a book

(c) write a story about the chosen site. 

(d) or something else entirely. 


Simply, If you want to make a sheet of paper using recycled paper, you need to pulp one sheet of paper.  

We may not even use original paper so collect more than you anticipate.  Lets aim to make at least three sheets each. 

Cellulose items from wood, grasses or rags are useful. 

Other things may be embedded.  

 Examples of things you may find:

Take what interests you and catches your eye. We don't know yet what it will do in the pulp. It may seem not so pleasing at first...but let it be transformed.

Garden: leaves, horse hair, bird poop, seeds, blossoms, petals...... 

Pockets: old receipts, lint, wrappers, old tickets, tissues...

Bathroom: cotton wool, hair ?, tooth paste,  toilet paper....

Memories: old letters, cloth ( you could take a bit of inside seam from an item), a page from a journal, a page from a book, an old photograph, a sample of handwriting, posters on your wall.....

Street: litter, old posters and fliers, leaves...

Kitchen: onion skin, garlic skin, spices, cartons....


Do email or 24817622 if you want to chat about anything before



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