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JuSTart was founded by Teresa Ariosto, Helga Arnalds and Nicola Visser, three successful arts professionals who had relocated to Aarhus and had to reinvent themselves. Their challenge became the source of new inspiration and an artistic drive to bring their experience with theatre, dance, visual arts, community work, diversity and disabled arts to their new home.

Board members

Tatiana Chemi

Professor (Associate) at the Aalborg University. She is passionate about the field of artistic learning, arts-integration, teaching artist and creative processes. Her specific focus on the arts is performance, drama and theatre. She is currently involved in research projects examining artistic creativity and learning in theatre laboratory, arts-integrated educational designs in schools, artist-school partnerships and the role of emotions in learning.


Juliana Appel  

graduated in Arts Education from University of Joinville, Brazil. Postgraduate in Teaching of Art, by the Faculty of Arts of Paraná - FAP, Brazil. She received training at The Commedia School, physical theater school in Copenhagen, Denmark. She has more than 16 years of experience as a teacher of Drama and Art, delivering workshops in schools, cultural centers and other cultural spaces in Brazil and Argentina. She has participated in various trainings in theater. She works as a storyteller and as independent actress. She currently lives in Aarhus.


Mette Aakjær 

a Danish performer, dancer and artistic leader of Wunderland. Since 2001 she has worked with audience participation in different forms. Since 1996 she has explored the possibilities of ” traveling audience”; a performance form, where the audience moves through different rooms or landscapes during the performance. In 2007 she founded Wunderland that works with interactive and sensory performances in co-operation with international artists. -

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