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In winter it is very cold in Denmark.

It is comforting to be inside.

It takes determination to get out into the cold streets.

We created a project to move into the streets without a destination. And document it, catch the traces, see what treasures it offers.

Mapping 1:

Get on a bus. Read a chapter out loud to family member. When the chapter ends get off bus. Catch another one.

While listening to the chapter, draw the pathway of the bus as a line. 

Mapping 2: 

Take a street map.Write out a word using streets to make the letters. Go on a walk using the word as a route.

Mapping 3:

Go for a walk. Put a phone in your bag.switch on a route making app.

it trace the route.  Re-draw this route as a line gesture on a page.Small zine of our mapping.

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